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AceNet Technology , founded in 2003 in Santa Clara, California. The key team members, of many aspects, include founders of prior Silicon Valley startups and specialists from the 1st tier companies such as AT&T, IBM, UTStarcom, HuaWei, Morgan Stanley, etc. 

Total solution; the perfect combination of hardware and software
With a professional research and development team, AceNet provides customers a comprehensive and practical solution. Purpose-built SSPP™ ASIC chip and proprietary designed hardware offer a robust and high performance platform. Flexible software system offers multi-functions to help IT manager to deal with problems easier.

To protect and to serve
As the industry leading FloWALL™ solution provider, AceNet offers not only single packet deep inspection technology, but also completed flow security management solution which raises the reliability and security level of your network. Has more than 5 years experience, AceNet dedicates on the network security and management market. To protect your network with solidly security, to serve your network with outstanding performance.

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